Links to Other Rotifer Sites

  • The Rotifer Systematic Database maintained by Liz Walsh at U. Texas El Paso.

  • Rotifer Microscopy Techniques by Howard Taylor,
                               inventor of the Taylor Microcompressor and Diaphragm Pipette.

  • The Rotifer Trophi Web Page by Diego Fontaneto and Guilio Melone.

  • A Gallery of Rotifers by Wim van Egmond.

  • Rotifer images from the Heterogony web site of Ruediger Rudolf.

  • The Rotifera pages, with many links, at the UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology.

  • The Web pages of Rotiferologists:

  • Bill Birky
  • John Gilbert
  • Matthew Meselson
  • Claudia Ricci
  • Terry Snell
  • Bob Wallace