Spraguea lophii Genome Survey

Spraguea lophii Genome Survey

Dr. Gregory Hinkle, Cereon Genomics (Gregory.Hinkle@cereon.com )


The Laboratory of Mitchell L. Sogin
Josephine Bay Paul Center for Comparative Molecular Biology and Evolution
Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Why Spraguea?

Microsporidia are unicellular, spore forming protists that infect an unusually broad range of eukaryotes including arthropods, molluscs, and vertebrates. Hosts include humans and several strains are life threatening to immuno-compromised individuals. Despite their prevalence and significant health and economic impact, very little is known regarding Microsporidia biology, in part because of inability to culture many strains in vitro. Very little is known of the underlying biochemistry and cell biology of microsporidia infection. Additionally, Microsporidia lack many organelles normally found in eukaryotic cells, most notably mitochondria, lysosomes, and classical golgi apparatus. Their genomes are remarkably small for eukarotyes, ranging from 2.3 MB to 19.5 MB. Molecular phylogenetic examinations of the Microsporidia have conflicting results, with some molecules placing them among the basal, amitochondrial eukyaryotes and others placing them in closer relation to the Fungi.

Spraguea lophii is a microsporidia with a small genome (6.2 MB) that is easily extracted from its host, the goosefish (Lophius americanus). It thus presents an unique opportunity to survey microsporidian gene diversity. We here present an examination of Spraguea lophii gene diversity using a 120 KB sample of the genome (approximately 1.9%). This survey acts as a pilot study towards large-scale examinations of Microsporidia genetic diversity, evolutionary origins, and medically important biochemistry and cellular biology.

Taxonomic note: The microsporidian spores found in the hosts L. americanus and L. piscatorius are morphologically different (J. Protozool. 1986, 33: 570-575.). Gluguea americanus, the parasite of L. americanus has routinely been called Spraguea lophii, as we have done. Pending future information from genetic analysis, the parasite of L. americanus may be referred to in the future as Glugea americanus and the parasite of L. piscatorius and L. budegassa as Spraguea lophii.

Genome Sequencing Strategy

Spraguea lophii spore were isolated from hypertrophied nerve cells along the spinal column of the goosefish (Lophius americanus). DNA extraction and construction of a genomic library are outlined in Hinkle et. al. (Biol. Bull., 193, 250-251 [1997]). In brief, spores were isolated from host fish tissue, the DNA extracted and digested with EcoR1. After physical separation in agarose, 4-6 Kb fragments were ligated into pBluescript and individual recombinant clones sequenced using both M13 universal primers and LICOR 4000 automated DNA sequencers. Laboratory assistance was provided by Antonin Morillon.

It should be noted that there exists an essentially unmeasured level contamination of Lophius americanus DNA in the pBluescript library created and the sequences here reported.

Data Distribution

Preliminary data in the form of "single pass reads" has been placed on this WEB site. WARNING - All of the Spraguea lophii single-pass sequence reads have been carefully edited from LICOR 4000 DNA sequencing machines but may still contain errors due to band compressions, chimeric clones, or rearrangements. The sequences posted on this WEB site are intended to facilitate experimental design, e.g. design of PCR primers. Sequences lacking GenBank numbers should not be published in any form (including phylogenetic inferences) without independent confirmation.

This data release does not constitute scientific publication, but rather provides investigators with information that may "jump-start" biological experimentation. Investigators using data from this site should acknowledge the source of information or materials obtained from this site in any publication by citing this web page (www.mbl.edu/Spraguea) and the following publication:

Hinkle, G., H.G. Morrison, & M.L. Sogin. 1997. Genes coding for reverse transcriptase, DNA-directed RNA polymerase, and chitin synthase from the microsporidian Spraguea lophii. Biological Bulletin, 193, 250-251.

Provided on this WEB page are both the single-pass sequences (in FASTA format) and a summary of NCBI BlastX hits for each sequence.
Download the sequences in FASTA format

BlastX Results

This is a computer generated report, created by custom software written by Andrew G. McArthur and Michael E. Holder of the Marine Biological Laboratory and the NCBI SEALS package. Support of the SEALS package was provided by Roland Walker of NCBI. Only 500 hits have been accepted for each Blasted sequence. It is possible that a gene you are interested in had a very good hit but was hit number 501 and was not reported.

                                                                                     Score  E
 Sequence |Blast|                                Top BlastX Hit                      (bits) Value

11-22R |BLAST|gi|3122634 sp|O42587|PRSA_XENLA 26S PROTEASE REGULATORY SUBUNIT ... 153 5e-37 11JLY18R |BLAST|gi|3892088 emb|CAA09032| (AJ010193) prophenoloxidase [Anopheles ... 29 4.3 11VII-14F|BLAST|gi|3024696 sp|O00782|TCPG_OXYGR T-COMPLEX PROTEIN 1, GAMMA SUBUN... 206 1e-52 11VII-14R|BLAST|gi|2394423 (AF024492) No definition line found [Caenorhabditis e... 35 0.36 11VII-18F|BLAST|gi|2498886 sp|Q15437|S23B_HUMAN PROTEIN TRANSPORT PROTEIN SEC23 ... 53 5e-07 11VII-1F |BLAST|gi|2459628 (U88880) Toll-like receptor 4 [Homo sapiens] >gi|4507... 42 0.006 11VII-1R |BLAST|gi|4239895 dbj|BAA74737| (AB016816) MASL1 [Homo sapiens] 41 0.010 11VII-20F|BLAST|gi|3451312 emb|CAA20449| (AL031324) membrane atpase [Schizosacch... 75 1e-20 11VII-24F|BLAST|gi|2920559 (AF019227) DNA-directed RNA polymerase II [Spraguea l... 108 4e-23 11VII-25F|BLAST|gi|2829877 (AC002396) Hypothetical protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] 34 0.67 11VII-26F|BLAST|gi|1352911 sp|P47147|YJ80_YEAST HYPOTHETICAL 80.2 KD PROTEIN IN ... 32 3.3 11VII-26R|BLAST|gi|130593 sp|P05400|POL_CERV ENZYMATIC POLYPROTEIN [CONTAINS: AS... 35 0.47 11VII-27F|BLAST|gi|2983376 (AE000709) flagellar protein FlgA [Aquifex aeolicus] 36 0.13 11VII-27R|BLAST|gi|4239895 dbj|BAA74737| (AB016816) MASL1 [Homo sapiens] 41 0.009 11VII-28F|BLAST|gi|2493012 sp|Q12697|ATC9_YEAST PROBABLE CALCIUM-TRANSPORTING AT... 32 1.9 11VII-2F |BLAST|gi|3293522 (AF069195) NADH dehydrogenase 1 [Praon dorsale] 33 2.4 11VII-2R |BLAST|gi|1171589 emb|CAA64574| (X95275) frameshift [Plasmodium falcipa... 34 1.7 11VII-3F |BLAST|gi|3293522 (AF069195) NADH dehydrogenase 1 [Praon dorsale] 33 2.5 11VII-7F |BLAST|gi|2702395 (AF038608) No definition line found [Caenorhabditis e... 31 6.2 11VII-9F |BLAST|gi|4008543 emb|CAA22512| (AL034492) putative deacetylase [Strept... 53 3e-06 11VII-9R |BLAST|gi|729683sp|P40336|HB58_MOUSE H58 PROTEIN >gi|345669|pir|... 34 1.3 11VII14R |BLAST|gi|2394423 (AF024492) No definition line found [Caenorhabditis e... 35 0.53 11VII16R |BLAST|gi|1171601 emb|CAA64585| (X95276) rps8 [Plasmodium falciparum] 39 0.030 11VII18F |BLAST|gi|2498886 sp|Q15437|S23B_HUMAN PROTEIN TRANSPORT PROTEIN SEC23 ... 136 2e-31 11VII20F |BLAST|gi|83996 pir||B26696 hypothetical protein 1 (CYb-COII intergenic... 31 0.24 11VII20R |BLAST|gi|103353 pir||A32713 reverse transcriptase homolog - fruit fly ... 41 2e-04 11VII21F |BLAST|gi|3451312 emb|CAA20449| (AL031324) membrane atpase [Schizosacch... 89 1e-17 11VII21R |BLAST|gi|4140272 emb|CAA76576| (Y17002) tubulin [Geodia cydonium] 492 e-138 11VII22F |BLAST|gi|2291181 (AF016421) strong similarity to peptidase family M16 ... 38 0.079 11VII25F |BLAST|gi|4102010 (AF007429) putative transposase [Haemophilus paragall... 45 8e-04 11VII25R |BLAST|gi|3540188 (AC004122) Hypothetical protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] 68 7e-11 11VII26F |BLAST|gi|1352911 sp|P47147|YJ80_YEAST HYPOTHETICAL 80.2 KD PROTEIN IN ... 31 6.5 11VII27F |BLAST|gi|2983376 (AE000709) flagellar protein FlgA [Aquifex aeolicus] 37 0.17 11VII28F |BLAST|gi|586315 sp|P38299|YB34_YEAST HYPOTHETICAL 60.6 KD PROTEIN IN S... 34 0.68 11VII4R |BLAST|gi|9872 emb|CAA46646| (X65738) ATPase I [Plasmodium falciparum] 31 8.6 11VII6F |BLAST|gi|414322 (L11172) [Plasmodium falciparum RNA polymerase I gene,... 34 0.59 11VII6R |BLAST|gi|1055120 (U39996) coded for by C. elegans cDNA yk132e5.5; code... 66 3e-10 11VII7R |BLAST|gi|2366752 dbj|BAA22084| (D32053) Lysyl tRNA Synthetase [Homo sa... 249 2e-65 11VII8R |BLAST|gi|346685 pir||JC1349 developmentally-regulated GTP-binding prot... 44 4e-09 12-20R |BLAST|gi|3327234 dbj|BAA31685| (AB014610) KIAA0710 protein [Homo sapiens] 32 3.5 12-5F1 |BLAST|gi|4049814 (AF063866) ORF MSV175 putative metalloprotease, simil... 32 3.7 12VII-10F|BLAST|gi|1171589 emb|CAA64574| (X95275) frameshift [Plasmodium falcipa... 31 8.1 12VII-10R|BLAST|gi|3293522 (AF069195) NADH dehydrogenase 1 [Praon dorsale] 33 2.0 12VII-12F|BLAST|gi|3864 emb|CAA39699| (X56259) lysine--tRNA ligase [Saccharomyce... 226 2e-58 12VII-13F|BLAST|gi|4493978 emb|CAB39037| (AL034559) predicted using hexExon; MAL... 41 0.006 12VII-15F|BLAST|gi|3758851 emb|CAB11136| (Z98551) predicted using hexExon; MAL3P... 32 4.6 12VII-16F|BLAST|gi|97162 pir||S16288 hypothetical protein - Haemophilus influenzae 61 1e-08 12VII-17F|BLAST|gi|1085232 pir||S46443 adamalysin II - Eastern diamondback rattl... 33 2.8 12VII-18R|BLAST|gi|2498886 sp|Q15437|S23B_HUMAN PROTEIN TRANSPORT PROTEIN SEC23 ... 111 4e-41 12VII-19F|BLAST|gi|2239229 emb|CAB10146| (Z97210) hypothetical protein [Schizosa... 150 1e-35 12VII-20R|BLAST|gi|3982831 (AF083343) 101 kDa heat shock protein; HSP101 [Nicoti... 243 2e-63 12VII-21R|BLAST|gi|1363743 pir||S59387 probable membrane protein YLR241w - yeast... 79 3e-14 12VII-22F|BLAST|gi|2995384 emb|CAA06156| (AJ004810) cytochrome P450 monooxygenas... 39 0.020 12VII-23F|BLAST|gi|3139137 (AF063864) essential nuclear protein Mcm3p [Schizosac... 126 8e-29 12VII-23R|BLAST|gi|3845240 (AE001408) hypothetical protein [Plasmodium falciparum] 37 0.18 12VII-24F|BLAST|gi|113467 sp|P19568|ADTA_RICPR ADP,ATP CARRIER PROTEIN 1 (ADP/AT... 43 0.002 12VII-24R|BLAST|gi|1575575 (U66887) RAD50 [Mus musculus] 98 8e-20 12VII-25F|BLAST|gi|4377464 emb|CAA26447| (X02600) unidentified open reading fram... 32 3.0 12VII-25R|BLAST|gi|1176864 sp|P45800|YRFF_ECOLI HYPOTHETICAL 79.5 KD PROTEIN IN ... 31 9.6 12VII-26F|BLAST|gi|207200 (M23883) T-cell receptor beta chain precursor [Rattus ... 31 5.3 12VII-26R|BLAST|gi|1171597 emb|CAA64581| (X95276) rps3 [Plasmodium falciparum] 34 1.8 12VII-28F|BLAST|gi|130593 sp|P05400|POL_CERV ENZYMATIC POLYPROTEIN [CONTAINS: AS... 38 0.045 12VII-28R|BLAST|gi|1352911 sp|P47147|YJ80_YEAST HYPOTHETICAL 80.2 KD PROTEIN IN ... 32 6.2 12VII-2F |BLAST|gi|3881079 emb|CAA21738| (AL032657) cDNA EST yk207f6.5 comes fro... 65 5e-10 12VII-30R|BLAST|gi|262249 bbs|121221 (S52010) orf1 5' of EpoR [mice, Peptide, 85... 32 4.5 12VII-3F |BLAST|gi|732189 sp|P40160|YNU7_YEAST HYPOTHETICAL 49.1 KD PROTEIN IN S... 57 1e-07 12VII-3R |BLAST|gi|556219 (L36831) transcription regulator [Mus musculus] 39 0.032 12VII-4F |BLAST|gi|3881079 emb|CAA21738| (AL032657) cDNA EST yk207f6.5 comes fro... 70 1e-11 12VII-4R |BLAST|gi|1118049 (U41550) similar to homeobox proteins and to human ce... 32 4.5 12VII-7R |BLAST|gi|140550 sp|P09975|YCF2_MARPO HYPOTHETICAL 259 KD PROTEIN (ORF ... 36 0.26 12VII-9 |BLAST|gi|3881836 emb|CAB01454| (Z78019) Similarity to Yeast LPG22P pro... 56 2e-07 12VII12R |BLAST|gi|2982975 (AE000681) hypothetical protein [Aquifex aeolicus] 32 3.1 12VII16R |BLAST|gi|4049910 (AF063866) ORF MSV211 hypothetical protein [Melanoplu... 33 1.9 12VII19R |BLAST|gi|2827086 (AF022778) DNA recombination and repair protein [Homo... 198 3e-50 12VII22R |BLAST|gi|1088430 dbj|BAA04740| (D21196) ORF1740; The deduced amino aci... 39 0.056 12VII5R |BLAST|gi|2370478 emb|CAB11506| (Z98849) putative dna repair helicase [... 89 5e-17 13VII-11F|BLAST|gi|2827552 emb|CAA16560| (AL021635) predicted protein [Arabidops... 74 1e-12 13VII-14R|BLAST|gi|132473 sp|P22336|RFA1_YEAST REPLICATION FACTOR-A PROTEIN 1 (R... 142 3e-33 13VII-16F|BLAST|gi|3135992 emb|CAA19053| (AL023589) histone deacetylase [Schizos... 299 2e-80 13VII-16R|BLAST|gi|549726 sp|P36059|YKP1_YEAST HYPOTHETICAL 37.4 KD PROTEIN IN G... 87 2e-16 13VII-20F|BLAST|gi|1085232 pir||S46443 adamalysin II - Eastern diamondback rattl... 33 2.2 13VII-20R|BLAST|gi|4493933 emb|CAB38969| (AL034556) predicted using hexExon; MAL... 34 0.97 13VII-22F|BLAST|gi|1749478 dbj|BAA13797| (D89135) similar to Xenopus laevis deve... 33 1.1 13VII-2F |BLAST|gi|3886064 (AF106581) contains similarity to C2H2-type zinc fing... 47 1e-04 13VII-2R |BLAST|gi|3322576 (AE001210) conserved hypothetical integral membrane p... 32 4.5 13VII-3F |BLAST|gi|3122986 sp|Q91854|TRCB_XENLA BETA-TRCP (BETA-TRANSDUCIN REPEA... 53 3e-06 13VII-3R |BLAST|gi|1078494 pir||S54531 hypothetical protein YDR235w - yeast (Sac... 38 0.059 13VII-4F |BLAST|gi|82753 pir||S07183 hypothetical protein 3 - maize mitochondrio... 30 5.5 13VII-5R |BLAST|gi|1173219 sp|P46793|RS1A_DICDI 40S RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN S15A (S24)... 42 0.005 13VII-7F |BLAST|gi|3912980 sp|O50821|ADEC_BORBU PROBABLE ADENINE DEAMINASE (ADEN... 34 1.2 13VII-9F |BLAST|gi|2496852 sp|Q11102|YL17_CAEEL HYPOTHETICAL 131.5 KD PROTEIN C0... 34 1.9 13VII-9R |BLAST|gi|464621 sp|P34091|RL6_MESCR 60S RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN L6 (YL16-LIK... 62 4e-09 13VII12F |BLAST|gi|2827552 emb|CAA16560| (AL021635) predicted protein [Arabidops... 49 1e-05 13VII17R |BLAST|gi|549664 sp|P36099|YKD0_YEAST HYPOTHETICAL 23.0 KD PROTEIN IN I... 31 6.1 13VII21R |BLAST|gi|4493933 emb|CAB38969| (AL034556) predicted using hexExon; MAL... 34 0.94 14-10R |BLAST|gi|3941720 (AF087021) tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase; tyrosine--tRNA li... 91 6e-18 14-11R |BLAST|gi|3880850 emb|CAA21023| (AL031633) similar to ATPases associate... 36 0.14 14-12R |BLAST|gi|1203939 (U49830) Similar to protein tyrosine phosphatase [Cae... 39 0.039 14-13R |BLAST|gi|1203939 (U49830) Similar to protein tyrosine phosphatase [Cae... 39 0.045 14-14R |BLAST|gi|3319049 pdb|1A0C|A Chain A, Xylose Isomerase From Thermoanaer... 31 7.4 14-16R |BLAST|gi|1545856 (U50396) WbpG [Pseudomonas aeruginosa] 33 2.0 14-19R |BLAST|gi|2429545 (AF025472) Similar to reverse transcriptase [Caenorha... 31 8.1 14-21R |BLAST|gi|3879009 emb|CAB03230| (Z81107) Similarity to Human adenosine ... 41 0.007 14-23F |BLAST|gi|2133706 pir||JC4673 protein kinase (EC 2B - fruit f... 49 4e-05 14-24F |BLAST|gi|113467 sp|P19568|ADTA_RICPR ADP,ATP CARRIER PROTEIN 1 (ADP/AT... 48 4e-05 14-25F |BLAST|gi|3941720 (AF087021) tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase; tyrosine--tRNA li... 196 1e-49 14-26R |BLAST|gi|1946369 (U93215) unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] 34 0.78 14-27F |BLAST|gi|586315 sp|P38299|YB34_YEAST HYPOTHETICAL 60.6 KD PROTEIN IN S... 35 0.40 14-28F |BLAST|gi|3757523 (AC005167) putative transportin [Arabidopsis thaliana] 32 4.2 14-30F |BLAST|gi|1019104 (L23171) wheeler gene product [Drosophila melanogaster] 38 0.056 14-32F |BLAST|gi|417041 sp|P33195|GCSP_ECOLI GLYCINE DEHYDROGENASE [DECARBOXYL... 208 3e-53 14-33F |BLAST|gi|3047117 (AF058919) similar to ATP-dependent RNA helicases [Ar... 163 1e-39 14-34F |BLAST|gi|3881479 emb|CAB04972| (Z82083) ZK1010.6 [Caenorhabditis elegans] 32 4.0 14-46F |BLAST|gi|487257 (U09127) envelope glycoprotein [Human immunodeficiency... 32 2.3 14-6R2 |BLAST|gi|417928 sp|P32776|TFB1_YEAST RNA POLYMERASE II TRANSCRIPTION F... 41 0.009 14-9R |BLAST|gi|1171592 emb|CAA64576| (X95276) rps4 [Plasmodium falciparum] 34 1.2 1449F |BLAST|gi|2920561 (AF019228) chitin synthase [Spraguea lophii] 268 5e-92 14VII-12F|BLAST|gi|2920559 (AF019227) DNA-directed RNA polymerase II [Spraguea l... 108 4e-23 14VII-18F|BLAST|gi|2688460 (AE001156) chemotaxis response regulator (cheY-1) [Bo... 31 7.7 14VII-1F |BLAST|gi|1171612 emb|CAA64596| (X95276) Clp (C?) [Plasmodium falciparum] 40 0.018 14VII-21F|BLAST|gi|1730840 sp|P53852|YNY7_YEAST PUTATIVE CYSTEINYL-TRNA SYNTHETA... 192 2e-48 14VII-35F|BLAST|gi|1203939 (U49830) Similar to protein tyrosine phosphatase [Cae... 40 0.019 14VII-36F|BLAST|gi|4049841 (AF063866) ORF MSV119 putative RNA polymerase associa... 32 4.5 14VII-37F|BLAST|gi|3845291 (AE001420) predicted integral membrane protein [Plasm... 31 8.7 14VII-38F|BLAST|gi|3845151 (AE001386) hypothetical protein [Plasmodium falciparum] 33 2.2 14VII-42F|BLAST|gi|130808 sp|P19736|PR09_YEAST PRE-MRNA SPLICING FACTOR PRP9 >gi... 42 0.004 14VII-43F|BLAST|gi|2131520 pir||S69646 hypothetical protein YDR479c - yeast (Sac... 30 5.1 14VII-47F|BLAST|gi|2131456 pir||S61174 hypothetical protein YDR379w - yeast (Sac... 35 0.76 14VII-49F|BLAST|gi|2920561 (AF019228) chitin synthase [Spraguea lophii] 246 6e-66 14VII-50F|BLAST|gi|549112 sp|Q05501|TRAD_BACTF TRANSPOSASE FOR INSERTION SEQUENC... 31 5.8 14VII-51F|BLAST|gi|3122567 sp|Q37373|NUAM_ACACA NADH DEHYDROGENASE, SUBUNIT 11 (... 33 1.6 14VII-52F|BLAST|gi|129177 sp|P21957|OPI1_YEAST NEGATIVE REGULATOR OF PHOSPHOLIPI... 37 0.10 14VII-54F|BLAST|gi|3136056 emb|CAA19115| (AL023592) RanBP7/importin-beta/Cse1p s... 63 2e-09 14VII-56F|BLAST|gi|3256608 dbj|BAA29291| (AP000001) 235aa long hypothetical prot... 50 8e-08 14VII-57F|BLAST|gi|3873644 emb|CAA94865| (Z71177) AC3.1 [Caenorhabditis elegans] 34 1.1 14VII-58F|BLAST|gi|3511142 gb|AAC33729| (AF061244) unknown [Agrocybe aegerita] 31 6.1 14VII-59F|BLAST|gi|3876863 emb|CAB03079| (Z81078) predicted using Genefinder; Si... 104 7e-34 14VII-60F|BLAST|gi|3327234 dbj|BAA31685| (AB014610) KIAA0710 protein [Homo sapiens] 32 2.9 14VII-6F |BLAST|gi|586211 sp|P16140|VATB_YEAST VACUOLAR ATP SYNTHASE SUBUNIT B (... 434 e-121 14VII-6R |BLAST|gi|1171589 emb|CAA64574| (X95275) frameshift [Plasmodium falcipa... 35 0.53 14VII-8F |BLAST|gi|1171589 emb|CAA64574| (X95275) frameshift [Plasmodium falcipa... 39 0.026 14VII-9F |BLAST|gi|135997 sp|P08096|TOP2_SCHPO DNA TOPOISOMERASE II >gi|68490|pi... 240 7e-63 14VII1R |BLAST|gi|1019104 (L23171) wheeler gene product [Drosophila melanogaster] 39 0.046 14VII24R |BLAST|gi|2128750 pir||E64456 hypothetical protein MJ1254 - Methanococc... 34 0.65 14VII25R |BLAST|gi|84040 pir||E22845 hypothetical protein 4 - Trypanosoma brucei... 37 0.084 14VII27R |BLAST|gi|549734 sp|P36051|YKQ5_YEAST HYPOTHETICAL 105.7 KD PROTEIN IN ... 30 8.5 14VII28R |BLAST|gi|322332 pir||S30587 hypothetical protein 4 - Methanobacterium ... 31 6.6 14VII29R |BLAST|gi|3845218 (AE001403) predicted secreted protein [Plasmodium fal... 34 0.81 14VII30R |BLAST|gi|2131456 pir||S61174 hypothetical protein YDR379w - yeast (Sac... 35 0.57 14VII31R |BLAST|gi|3845326 (AE001430) hypothetical protein [Plasmodium falciparum] 34 0.81 14VII32R |BLAST|gi|417042 sp|P28337|GCST_CHICK AMINOMETHYLTRANSFERASE PRECURSOR ... 90 4e-18 14VII33R |BLAST|gi|3845107 (AE001375) hypothetical protein [Plasmodium falciparum] 34 0.97 14VII34R |BLAST|gi|2264369 (AC002354) predicted protein of unknown function [Ara... 37 2e-04 14VII35R |BLAST|gi|3877655 emb|CAA96657| (Z72511) possible zinc finger protein; ... 80 1e-14 14VII36R |BLAST|gi|1082407 pir||A55314 glycine--tRNA ligase (EC precur... 141 3e-33 14VII37R |BLAST|gi|3758855 emb|CAB11140| (Z98551) predicted using hexExon; MAL3P... 38 0.094 14VII38R |BLAST|gi|2496223 sp|Q60281|YZ21_METJA HYPOTHETICAL PROTEIN MJECL21 >gi... 38 0.12 14VII43R |BLAST|gi|505102 dbj|BAA06685| (D31887) KIAA0062 [Homo sapiens] 32 1.6 14VII46R |BLAST|gi|3367790 emb|CAA20055| (AL031154) putative transmembrane trans... 47 1e-04 14VII47R |BLAST|gi|1930122 (U95171) microtubule associated protein [Drosophila m... 38 0.068 14VII49R |BLAST|gi|4506689 oth|NP_001010|PRPS15A ribosomal protein S15a >gi|1082... 60 2e-08 14VII51R |BLAST|gi|2827552 emb|CAA16560| (AL021635) predicted protein [Arabidops... 66 2e-10 14VII52R |BLAST|gi|439854 (U04640) Pfmdr2 protein [Plasmodium falciparum] 38 0.056 14VII54R |BLAST|gi|2935517 (AF049912) methionine aminopeptidase [Drosophila mela... 166 2e-40 14VII55R |BLAST|gi|1171589 emb|CAA64574| (X95275) frameshift [Plasmodium falcipa... 31 7.1 14VII56R |BLAST|gi|1353073 sp|P34316|YKT5_CAEEL HYPOTHETICAL 41.7 KD PROTEIN C07... 34 1.1 14VII57R |BLAST|gi|2285875 dbj|BAA21652| (D85682) synaptojanin [Bos taurus] 62 3e-09 14VII59R |BLAST|gi|420269 pir||B42148 GTP-binding protein rab10 - rat 114 9e-25 14VII5R |BLAST|gi|2970431 (AF049132) NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4 [Florometra s... 34 1.6 14VII8R |BLAST|gi|3649772 emb|CAB11121| (Z98547) predicted using hexExon; MAL3P... 36 0.44 2X-1R |BLAST|gi|2739289 emb|CAA71196| (Y10108) cytochrome b558/566, subunit B... 32 2.7 2X-4R |BLAST|gi|2920563 (AF019229) DNA dependent reverse transcriptase [Sprag... 143 2e-59 2X-6R |BLAST|gi|480485 pir||S36956 cytochrome-c oxidase (EC chain II... 31 6.2 2X-7R |BLAST|gi|3845107 (AE001375) hypothetical protein [Plasmodium falciparum] 39 0.028 2X-9R |BLAST|gi|722345 (U22357) runt [Drosophila pseudoobscura] 32 3.3 9VII-10R |BLAST|gi|346685 pir||JC1349 developmentally-regulated GTP-binding prot... 78 7e-26